Searching for the Real-Life Magic Mike

Monica Ahanonu / / HelloGiggles

I've been to Las Vegas four times in the last 10 years and have another trip planned for April 2019. Each time, I have asked my traveling buddy to see a male revue with me – Vegas would be THE place to see such a show – but it's never actually happened. Why?

The reasons I’ve been given haven’t been terribly illuminating – friends’ answers have ranged from “that's just gross” to “there's no way I'm going in there.” It seems that the idea of a male revue is simply too foreign to many of us as females – despite the success of Magic Mike.

A recent article by Rebecca Mordechai for HelloGiggles explores this issue further. When Mordechai has difficulty finding a late-night male strip club for her friend’s 30th birthday party, she looks into reasons why, from the club-going behavior of women to scientific studies on the female libido. “Wouldn’t it be cool to have more spaces where a woman’s agency and desires are at the forefront? Where they are catered to by men with a ‘lack of ego’?” she writes. “A girl can dream.”

I, for one, agree – we're ready, as grown ass women, to see the guys take it off for once. Who's with me?

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