Catching Rays: Sharing Work-Life Balance

Catching Rays: Sharing Work-Life Balance

I really enjoy listening to women I admire share how they “do it all.” It helps calm my mind (and soul) to hear exactly what other moms are doing to succeed and strategize at the workplace and at home. Working in higher education, I have found it profoundly important to have a support system of mom-friends – those working similar hours in a positive environment, surrounded by college students who are motivated for scholastic success. Having these gal-pal connections has given me a place to turn to when I have questions about raising my child, what apps are good for learning or what foods are perfect for dinner. Regardless of the question or concern, even if it’s just a simple solution to a car pool situation, it is nice to hear from others how they manage all the work, stress and momentum of the quickly changing seasons.

So of course I enjoyed this article by The Mom Project, “8 Working Moms Share How They Find Work-Life Balance.” Reading the philosophies of these working moms reminded me of something I was recently told: “It isn’t about balancing…it’s 2018 and there is no such thing. It’s about managing it all. So go manage.” To this, I would add: get some really good role models around you that inspire you (and reading articles like this about other moms’ perspectives can help, too). It’s important to create an invisible circle of mom-friends who are in all seasons. For example even if your child is in first grade, a mom-friend raising a teenager can be a source of great insight for the years ahead.

Cheers to this speck of solidarity-sunshine, reminding all of us to stay on our tippy toes for our balancing acts. It really is a circus, so grab some cotton candy and enjoy it.


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