9 Unexpected Spring Break Road Trip Ideas

9 Unexpected Spring Break Road Trip Ideas

It is upon us. It’s not quite summer vacay time, but a small sprinkle of spring sun is reaching out to greet us on an official break…that’s right: SPRING BREAK. Students are counting down the days, faculty are plotting research projects or extra family time, and staff are looking forward to quiet throughout the hallways – and perhaps sneaking out for a little break time of their own.

Spring break is an epic week to make memories in college. There is, however, one thing that keeps us from experiencing the ultimate vacation: Ben Franklins, sweet mullah, dolla dolla bills, y’all – in other words, cold hard cash. As much as we may want to get away from campus and feel the spring wind in our hair, money seems to get in the way (it really doesn’t grow on trees).

If you are on the fence, wondering if you can make that spring break trip happen, you may want to check out this helpful Teen Vogue article, "9 Unexpected Spring Break Road Trip Ideas" by Writer Araceli Cruz spotlights some affordable and unique destinations (no Cancun here) for your getaway. Sure, it may mean penny-pinching a little when you get back to campus – maybe fewer nights out with the girls and no shopping for awhile. But if a much-needed mid-semester trip isn’t worth it, I don’t know what is. So find a destination near you, grab your weekend bag, and make some memories! Cheers to putting miles on vehicles and smiles on faces.


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