Valentine’s Fashion for My Galentines

One of my favorite movies to watch this time of year is Valentine’s Day, which was released in 2010. I still laugh out loud at the wit and charm of this movie (it was Taylor Swift’s silver screen debut, after all). It’s got a star cast, a great vibe, and awesome quotes, an example being the teacher’s response when small children ask what Valentine’s Day is: “It was a massacre in Chicago where lots of people were killed and they put a curse on the Chicago Cubs.”

There is also a quote from the sweet Grandmother in the movie that always gets me. She says, “When you love someone, you love all of them…you gotta love everything about them, not just the good things but the bad things, too. The things that you find loveable and the things you don’t.”

Whatever your take is on this epic day, there is one thing all us gals have in common: we have an excuse to put together a fantastic outfit. Face it, whether you are a pure, sappy, romantic-at-heart like me or you plan to dine on DiGiorno at home, the bottom line is that you need options. Luckily, I’ve got you covered. We shouldn’t take this day to heart (pun intended) and stress. Let’s make our outfit options “relationship goals” and our pink lipstick the GOAT. Literally. Check out these cute finds from online shop Z Boutique.

The Peyton Floral Blouse

Valentine’s Fashion for My Galentines

True confession: I just purchased this shirt last week. Spoiler alert: it’s for Valentines Day. I love everything about this top. It is really flattering on because it’s loose. Who doesn’t want to embrace their holiday curves? This girl! I jump for joy over the color combination of black, gray, and pink. It may not scream “love,” but it hints at fun. Wear it with black jeans, colorful shoes, and a cool bracelet.

The Adrienne Blouse

Valentine’s Fashion for My Galentines

Five hearts for this red number. This is the perfect find for a celebration of happy memories to come. Wear this during the day for a coffee run, class, or work with a jean jacket or black blazer. Then shed the coat for a night on the town with your date(s). Why not?

The Lydia Blouse

“My colors are blush and bashful” – so goes the famous line uttered by Shelby in Steel Magnolias. I have to agree with Julia Roberts as she gushes about shades of pink. This top happens to be my favorite for all seasons of the year. It is light enough for summer nights and perfect for winter months that need a pop of color. So trust me ladies…put this one in your cart!

The Mandy Blouse

Ooh La La…this top is from a Paris novel, where the characters sip wine in dark restaurants and stroll through the city of lights at night. I would pair this very dare-I-say-sassy top with a black skirt (tucked in), black tights, and cute black heels. This would also find a perfect mate with black leather leggings and tall black booties. You are going to look très chic for your Valentine! You go girl! #buyit #thankmelater

The Mindy Blouse

Valentine’s Fashion for My Galentines

Going for more casual look? This t-shirt is disguised as a dressier top, made from a soft cotton that is perfect with jeans, colorful pants, or a jean skirt with patterned tights and booties. Trust me, you will wear this for more than the upcoming lovely holiday. Think about your school colors (mine are crimson – score!), Christmas, or fall get togethers. So go ahead…you deserve it.

There is one category left. If you are looking for something for someone special…I have ideas. Spend some sweet moula on cute closet additions. These are some of my other must haves for the season: The Pryston Blouse, The Sarah, or the Lyndie.

Wherever you find yourself or whatever you wear on February 14th, know that you are loved, fabulous, and so darn chic in your new finds from Z Boutique – a local favorite of mine. I met the owner, Sarah, on the first day of sorority rush at our alma mater. We have been friends for almost 16 years, all because I said “Hi, I’m Kari” in a pizza line. (side note: I keep mentioning pizza. Yes, I have issues). Gal Pals are the best, and so is pizza. I can’t imagine life without my friend Sarah. Cheers to friends, loves, and to being fabulous.