Embracing discomfort

As an academic dedicated to higher education and lifelong learning, I consider myself to be an open-minded individual – someone who is ready for a challenge and willing to embrace every lesson. But of course, not every lesson comes easily. Sometimes it takes confrontation and discomfort to learn new lessons – and sometimes, even embracing – and ultimately overcoming - discomfort is the lesson in and of itself.

I have experienced such learning through discomfort relatively often throughout my life and career, but one particular experience made a significant impact. I first met Carey when she wrote a letter to me in response to an academic program that I had helped create and for which I was responsible for implementing. After reading her letter and making some substantive changes, Carey and I met in my office to discuss the issues – a conversation that initially devolved into an uncomfortable debate – with Carey expressing her frustration and me voicing my frustration in response. But we persisted and pushed through this difficult interaction and achieved a great deal of learning in the process.

Here is my proFcast conversation with Carey about our meeting and our subsequent conversations. We hope you enjoy!