ProF Playlist: Renew

We ended 2017 on something of a frenzied note here at proFmagazine – our theme for December was “crisis,” and many of us wrote about how a month full of holidays, travel and loved ones can be as stressful as it is lovely. Winter break this year was particularly adventurous for me, as my husband and I took the time between semesters to visit both of our families and some close friends, as well as enjoy a weeklong road trip around the state of Utah. It was amazing-yet-tiring, and the past week marked a tough transition back to reality.

But regardless (unlike a lot of people), I’m fond of January. For starters, it’s my birthday month (as I write this, I’m less than a day away from 35, the dreaded beginning of middle age). And I enjoy its relaxing, business-as-usual mood. Nobody’s doing anything special; we’re all just holed up in our homes waiting for the cold to subside. I find that in January, I read a lot, cook a lot and see a lot of great movies.

As the first month of the New Year, however, January comes with some baggage. It’s associated with struggling to keep resolutions, with re-assessing our lives and setting goals for ourselves. It’s also a time to renew, which is proF’s theme this month. This renewal looks different for everyone: perhaps it means working out, getting organized, eating healthier, or dedicating ourselves to things we enjoy. Because of its quietude, January is a fabulous time to refocus on ourselves – to determine where we want to go, and the steps we need to take to get there.

Here to inspire you is this month’s “Renew” playlist, featuring songs about starting over, moving on and embarking on new journeys. Let’s raise a glass to 2018: may it be your best year yet!