Academic Abroad Attacked

Academic Abroad Attacked


I was shocked to learn that earlier this month, Judith Butler – a key figure in queer theory and third wave feminism – was attacked in Brazil at a conference she helped to organize.

Scott Jaschik covers the story, including Butler’s own account of what happened, for Inside Higher Ed. According to the article, the protests were organized by far-right Christian groups who seemed to take issue with Butler’s groundbreaking 1990 work Gender Trouble, an originative study of how gender is “reiterated social performance.” (In fact, the topic of the conference was democracy, not gender, and Butler was not even lecturing.) The protests weren’t limited to the conference alone – as Butler was preparing to fly back to the United States, Jaschik reports that a crowd gathered at the airport. This group was particularly virulent, with one protester yelling in English, “Trump will take care of you.”

Check out Jaschik’s full article for more on Butler’s troubling experience in Brazil. And for an excellent introduction to her work on gender, watch this video.