How to Make Your Bed Look Like It Belongs In a Five Star Hotel

A good’s night sleep makes me really happy. When I think of the weather turning for fall, I can't help but think of my comfy bed. The idea of bundling under the covers as the days grow shorter has me yawning as I daydream of soft sheets and fluffy pillows.

My true confession about beds: I love the way hotels style them. They are always white, crisp, and oh-so-dreamy. When I found this article that originally appeared in Travel and Leisure, I had to giggle when I realized how the opposing “not-so-into-hotels” team might feel. For example, my sweet friend Sarah hates the idea of hotels. It doesn’t add joy to her life like it does mine. Her thoughts go straight to germs and strangers sharing spaces. However, one can't deny the modern vibes going on in the hotel rooms these days. The thing I wish for in my home is a happy staff member to help me make my bed each morning. Wishful thinking...I know.

So cheers to happy bedroom inspirations! Whether you are a fan of all white bedding or not, you have to's a clean look. What is the most comfortable sleep you have ever gotten? Happy zzzzz!