Ways To Style Your Turtleneck This Fall

Fireside, s'mores and layers...oh my! I'm head over heels for fall. It’s hard to contain my over-the-top enthusiasm when it comes to my favorite season. Nerd alert: at the end of each autumn, I take care to pack my sweaters, trading out shelving space for springwear. But I always look forward to getting them back out again when the temperatures cool. It’s a treat to see my old friends and consider what might rise to the top of the season’s rotation. This year, I grew excited as I came across that almighty staple: the turtleneck, star of fall 2017.

Turtlenecks are basic – it’s what we love about them. But InStyle has a great guide to dressing your coziest favorite up for work or play, understatement or pizzazz. Check it out and get the most out of this wardrobe classic.

What do you consider a fall "must" when it comes to wardrobe?