What’s Your Core Genius?

Being a staff member in Higher Education, I am constantly tapped on the shoulder by students who have concerns about what exactly they want to “do” with their lives. Even though we don’t have the answers, the best option sometimes is to point them in the direction of resources. These students are dissatisfied with abstract, fluffy ideas like “I know I want to help people” or “I am a people person.” They’re looking for something more concrete – for someone to literally tell them what to be when they grow up.

That said, if I spend a little time with these students – asking for more specifics, getting a feel for their interests – I start seeing their wheels spinning just enough to start a momentum. This is the best part of my job: when I get to ask questions and help form a specific plan with students. I ask them exactly why they want to pursue certain avenues and career tracks. More often than not, their why is a passion, and if we can turn their desire into a job…everyone wins. The more I thought about turning their passion into their profession I realized it is their brand. Each of us has our own sense of branding we are trying to convey. I recently started following this amazing blog that digs deeper into expanding who you are through your “brand.” BRAID CREATIVE & CONSULTING works on branding, visioning, and marketing that blends who you are and what you do. This particular article made me realize the pressure put on us at an early age asking the defiant question “what do you want to be when you grow up?” After reading What’s Your Core Genius I realized even more ways I can help my sweet students take the next step in their career and their self-brand. How do you help students find their niche? Cheers to making lives brighter!