Signs Your Children Returned to College

The kitchen has been cleaned all day.

All of your cars now fit in the driveway.

There are enough clothes hangers in the house.

The dog has been cuddling by you all day.

No one has attempted to change the thermostat.

You haven’t tripped over shoes lying in the laundry room.

There have been no complaints about what groceries you bought.

No one has asked to borrow your bluetooth speaker.

Their random friends have not shown up when it’s time to eat dinner.

There’s plenty of ice in the freezer, and you’ve unhidden your favorite chocolate.

There have been calls about the cost of plastic tubs at Target.

And, all of the box fans are sold out – how can that be?

You’ve also fielded inquiries about the safest way to put up a poster, and

Been told that the cafeteria has five types of non dairy milk.

A panicked call asked if you’d immediately scan and send immunization records – there’s a hold on her registration.

Yet another wondered if taking Spanish makes more sense than French.

Texts have also popped up – some with pictures of the roommate’s unmade bed (so messy!);

Yet others ask about coming home for Labor Day weekend.

One actually said she misses you.

Now settled, near midnight the night before classes begin, the calls and texts

Have stopped, and the house is too clean, too quiet, and too empty.


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