Return of the Trends

It is interesting what trends return and what trends never come back (thankfully). Sure, you can live with making a bad fashion choice, but some of the fashion trends we are photographed in can make us ask for forgiveness years down the road. What was I thinking? typically comes to mind; “It was the style back then!” is often uttered. But the reality is, if we look around and see everyone else rocking a trend (aka making the same silly mistake), it can be tough to resist. For some reason, seeing shoulder pads for the thirteenth time on someone makes it finally feel “okay.”

I am guilty, too. I remember seeing the skinny jean on someone for the first time. Most times “what’s in” makes me cringe. The skinny jean made me almost laugh out loud (I withheld, not wanting to hurt feelings). Now my closet is full of – you guessed it – skinny jeans. These are the ones that are tapered all the way down and make us wonder if bellbottoms or boot cut will ever make a comeback. Chances are, unfortunately, yes. And when they do, guess what will find its way back into my closet? Wide-legged wonders.

Why do we tend to go with trend? Honestly (brutally), not all things happening on the runway and in department stores necessarily look good on everyone. There is a lot to take into account when a trend returns:

1. What’s My Age Again?

I hate to say it. And it hurts. Working in higher education means the students stay the same age. However, we get older each year. Some things don’t look as youthful (or somehow “right”) on me as they do on my 18-year-old student. Face it: overalls might not look as cute on you at work as they do on your student arriving to class. Who wants to pull an ultimate “twinkie” moment with someone half your age? Save the new overall return for the weekend and garden woes. You can thank me later. (Spoiler alert: overalls are huge right now. Don’t believe me? Just wait).

2. Don’t Fight Your Body Type

I must have drunk some potent truth serum before my hands hit this keyboard. If you’d like to try the newest comeback trend – velvet – then go for it! Velvet is one of my favorite fall fabrics. If worn right, it can be perfect for everyone. And it’s hot on the market and hot to wear. The trick is finding the style that best suits your body – not just grabbing any velvet piece.

3. Give Trends a Chance

That’s right. Remember how awful I thought tapered skinny jeans were? Now, I think they look good on everyone. Sometimes you have to give it a fair “go” before saying “no.”

4. What’s Old is Never Truly New Again

So many times we find ourselves in the midst of a “closet cleanse.” As we hold up items and try to decide “yay” or “nay,” we’re often tempted to keep items that we think “might come back around.” But the truth is, if a trend does climb back up the fashion charts, it will be a slightly different, new-and-improved version. So unless they have major sentimental value, put those once-trendy items in the “toss” pile, and make room for more updated looks.

So what’s making a comeback this fall semester? Turn on your Vanilla Ice and grab your brightest neon: the 90’s are returning to a closet near you. Read all about it in Impulse Magazine and InStyle – they both agree. Personally, I am still deciding if the 90’s trends need to make a comeback.

What is your favorite fashion return?

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