Flamingo Fashion Makes a Comeback

My sweet little sassy three-year-old niece dressed as a flamingo last year for Halloween. Little did she know, she was making a fashion statement. This season, I have noticed the pink-feathered birds are making their presence known in department stores all over. Matthew Boyle observed the same in a recent piece for Bloomberg, writing, “In just over two years, flamingos have soared from the catwalks of Milan to the wardrobes and walls of urban hipsters to the aisles of Nordstrom, IKEA, Crate & Barrel, Target and Britain’s John Lewis department stores. Flamingos now adorn everything from $1,495 Givenchy dresses to $40 shower curtains.”

For those of us interested in trying the trend for less than Givenchy prices, flamingos are popping up on patterned pants, cute cotton tees, and whimsical dresses (to name a few). Marc Jacobs knew what he was doing (as he always does) a few years ago when he put these feathered friends on the runway. I guess designers agreed: more pink in our wardrobe isn’t a bad thing. I say cheers to these happy bird statements – why should three-year-old nieces get to have all the fun?

Check out the full article in Bloomberg on the flamingo trend.