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Do you use the campus gym?

I do not use the campus gym because I'm a non-traditional student, and I feel kind of awkward with all the 18-20 year olds.


No, because I don't want to be working out and sweaty in front of students!

-Mary Beth

Yes. I work at a small liberal arts college where the gym is free. It wasn't hard to get over the potential embarrassment of seeing students when the price was so right. For the most part when I see my students at the gym, they just wave at me and then ignore me. I haven't had the weird experiences of students trying to get office hour help while I'm on the elliptical that some other profs describe.


Yes. It's convenient to go before work, get ready there, and then start my day. I also like seeing other staff, faculty, and students there.


I don't use the gym at University unless classes are offered at the end of the day so I don't have to shower at the University and go back and teach again. I also only take classes only if they are meant for faculty and staff only.


No. I work out at home. I only get 6 hours on campus as it is, bc my kids have school; I'm not going to waste it at the gym when I can workout at home after they go to bed instead.


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