Late-Summer Style Solution: the White Button-Down

Photo: Tradlands, Flickr

Where I live, August and September are still miserably warm. Summer bullies its way into the season often thought of as “fall” and sticks around for months. So though you may try to will cooler weather into being, don’t put away those summer clothes just yet. This time of year, keeping a variety of cool, light, crisp colors within your wardrobe is always a good idea. For a professional-yet-comfortable late-summer look, a classic white button down is the go-to for me. I'm convinced the color white looks great on everyone, and how can you go wrong with a garment that has been a fashion staple since the Victorian era? (While we’re on the subject, check out this fascinating history of the white dress shirt from fashion and design scholar Dean Brough.)

White clothing doesn't mind the hot August rays, it keeps you cool and looking fresh, and it goes with everything – if not for my five year old, I would wear white every day! (Instead, I wear a pattern of lovingly placed ketchup smears and dirt crumbles.) In a pinch deciding what to wear? Nine times out of ten, a white number can really shine. And for those that like a little more style oomph, InStyle offers a variety of fresh twists on the classic look.