proFasks: What do you love (or hate) about summer?

Thank you to everyone who responded to our proFasks question! Here are some of your answers.

Summer loves: Having a more flexible schedule with my kids

Hates (or at least don't love): having to shoulder the bulk of child-care and activities (in terms of cost and time). I am a single-parent academic, and while I am mostly free over the summer I can't be as productive as I would like because child-care is expensive.


I love Shakespeare in the Park!


I love that parking is plentiful although I do miss the students' energy!


I love rolling the windows down on the way home from work while blasting music, watering the plants barefoot, ice cream runs, sunshine until 9 p.m., sun tans and freckles, and an overwhelming sense of warmth and joy!


I love the smells of summer! The pleasant ones ... fresh cucumber, watermelon, sunscreen, outdoors after a rain shower, a freshly mowed lawn, the grill on a patio.


I love the relaxed vibe, ability to go to the pool and beautiful summer nights!


What I love about summer is that it is still light outside at 8:30 pm so you can spend more time outside!


What I love about summer is that I am busier than ever, with teaching, grading, studying abroad - but I am NOT in meetings all day! And I do love the heat, but not too much - and I absolutely love summer evenings.


I hate the mosquitos! I'm not too keen on the heat. I hate the Oklahoma weather and the way a hailstorm or excessive heat wave can kill my vegetable garden. I hate that Oklahoma isn't on a coast or near what I'd consider a beach. I like the absence of students. I need these couple of months of sloooow.


Summer is usually when I get the most opportunities to travel - I love that. It is also the time when I get to reconnect with family and more far flung friends. As I am on an academic schedule, my teaching load is much lighter in the summer but I do wish I could take those mythical "long summers off" I keep hearing hearing about.


I am an Oklahoman and a teacher's daughter, so Summer has never begun with the first hot day (since 100 degrees is not unheard of in April), but when the last grade is turned in for Spring Semester. While I may have plans to work on research, revise a class, or (since I also practice law) prepare for hearings, it does not matter; all my stress melts away. I am able to work on a schedule that is mine (mostly) and I accomplish more by noon than I can all day in the Winter, as though time has slowed to allow me to enjoy more of the long, sunny days. Even in our legendary heat, I look forward to going outside, breathing the hot, fragrant air, puttering ineffectively in my garden, listening to the kids in the neighborhood play, and swimming in sun-warmed pools.


I love the unstructured time because as educators we cram 12 months of work into nine! The heat where I live can be oppressive, so I love the air conditioning, reading a novel, writing my next one, and doing a little pre-planning for next semester. Ahhh!



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