Did You Know that Women Also Know Stuff?

I am a Political Scientist. I focused on International Politics and Comparative Politics during graduate school. As I think back, the big names in my field, those that came up again and again, were almost always male scholars. There were some exceptions for sure, and more in Comparative Politics than in International Relations, but either way the books by women on the syllabi I was assigned were few and far between. Are there really so few women working in Political Science?

As it turns out, there are a lot of women in Political Science today and they want colleagues and Think Tanks to remember that “Women Also Know Stuff!” The goal of these women is not simply to lament the difficulties that women face in the Academy, there are many, but to remind folks that there are women in Political Science who have contributed to the field, and who continue to enrich the discipline. The movement asks that professors think about their reading lists, and that conference and panel organizers think of including women as panel guests or keynote speakers (they even have a list outlining female academics and their field of expertise should an organizer need ideas). Colleen Flaherty’s recent piece, “Dude, Women Know Stuff” explains these and other suggestions for acknowledging the role of women in Political Science, and beyond. While not specifically mentioned, it would seem that these are some good tips for diversifying in general- including scholars of color and non-Western Scholars- in reading lists, research and academic/policy discussions.

What do you think about this approach? Any other tips?