We’ve Been Skunked

June 22, 2017

 Recently something in our family happened for the very first time: Bernie, our sweet dog, got sprayed by a skunk. It was an awful experience. A week later, our pet and our house (which, ahem Bernie, we have only lived in for a year) still smell.


But…these things happen. One silver lining? I learned a lot more about natural cleaning methods than I ever intended to. Believe it or not, the antidote for a good skunking is baking soda. Throughout our home – and even on Bernie himself – this old standby made all the difference.


Upon further investigation, I found out there are many uses for baking soda other than de-skunking our things or baking. For a whopping 51 of them, check out this fun article.

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July 31, 2019

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