Transformations: A Reminder to Shine

I remember getting ready before I was a mom. I focused while choosing my hairstyle, took my time doing makeup, and strategized my attire. I call that time in my life BC...before child. Now a top knot bun, lipstick (red of course), and any outfit will do! Getting yourself ready starts to become priority #11 in the morning AC (after child). You stop focusing on you. Not that this is a problem. It's selfless, honorable, and downright humbling. But as we put everyone else first, our glow becomes a little less sparkly. That's where I enter the scene (with a large smile) reminding the fabulous Dr. Rebecca Cruise to shine.

A few months ago, Dr. Cruise approached me about getting a new look of sorts. With summer now upon us, we decided it was the perfect time for a transformation. When you are in higher education, wedding season never ends—weddings of alumni, colleagues, you name it. In this case the wedding of a former student, just around the corner, marks the perfect occasion for a change.

Dr. Cruise feels hungry for anything different. She reminded me several times that “anything is game.” After raised eyebrows, a huge light bulb appeared over my head.

Our first stop was this adorably chic shop: The Social Club in Norman, Oklahoma is the perfect stop for a little getaway from the hustle. With a cute store in front and party in the back, this salon is quaint, effortless, and hip. Misha Vaughn would be our magician at this stop, and she and I did a fun consultation about the perfect ’do. Rebecca (we will refer to Dr. Cruise by first name from this point to tone down the PhD—she’s brilliant; you get it) has long hair. She's not interested in high maintenance (nor am I) when it comes to locks. When you are a mom with a full time job, spending time on hair sounds less than thrilling. So we decided on a long bob. It wouldn't be too different, but changed up enough to inspire more change. In addition, Rebecca has noticed a little curl going on since the birth of her adorable daughter. This cut will allow for waves to come through for fun texture.

The result was fabulous. R & Co products plus Misha's talent resulted in a workable, effortless summer bob. She can put it in a ponytail or even leave it damp—no matter what, it will look stylish.

Our next step was to spruce up her wardrobe. “I am worried about this part Kari,” she said while as we headed to the shops. Rebecca had mentioned how hard she is to shop for: “Most things don't fit the way they should. It's a challenge.”

I took a deep breath and said, “Challenge accepted.” I had a feeling we would find what we were looking for.

The Loft was an easy choice when it came to wardrobe. With a special dinner and wedding that weekend, finding a dress was key. And instead of going straight to black, a pattern was our goal. We shot for bright colors, and maybe a navy. Also, we wanted key pieces that could fill in closet musts for anyone who is in the higher education, motherhood, and event-based world.

Look below to see what we pieced together. Here are a couple of links to help you get Rebecca’s look: black and white classic, swing dress, cabana shift dress, and our favorite, botanic cold shoulder dress.

Happiness is the ultimate transformation—your inner (and outer) self smiling, knowing you “still got it.” With this transformation, I was just reminding Rebecca to shine. She is happy with her new look and stylish wardrobe, and has learned to stick with me and repeat my mother’s moto: “shop ’til you drop.”

Who doesn’t love cliffhangers? Stay tuned for my next blog post on makeup and accessories.

What is your favorite look on Rebecca?

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