Gal Pals…Why We Need ‘Em

I was a cheerleader. Keep reading. Please. I noticed we had to have bases (the girls who physically lift you up), the flyers (the girls at the top getting others to support the team), and spotters (the girls who literally have your back). All the leaders have their specific roles. This got me thinking about the “parts” we play in life. Taylor Swift coined the phrase “squad.” I like to use “gal pals” as a common term in our household. Whatever you call it, you need it.

Women need one another: in the classroom, at our jobs, at home, within our families. And you need as many friends as you can get. Some of my best friends I met in first grade, others the first day of rush at my college, others at work. But the women that stand out the most are the ones that inspire me, lift me up and encourage me to thrive. I have categorized some common squad members below. Upon reflection, I have learned you need more than one personality type to make your circle complete. Take a look at this rainbow of colorful women personalities that make life…well brighter.

Truth Teller

Wow…you didn’t see that coming. Something about your kids, professor, partner, has royally made you mad. Instead of being able to place the blame on “them” again, this friend tells you truth. She inspires you to be better and instead of placing fault on others, she suggests turning the finger toward yourself. Even though you don’t want to hear it, you know she is right. She makes you better, stronger, faster (okay not really faster…but super powers would be nice). She is not who you call when you want to “vent” because she will tell you the TRUTH in a solution format versus “just listen.” You can’t live without her. So put a tally mark down for truth; you got this one covered.


She knows where the vacation destination is next summer (already), knows what degree of SPF to use (because she has every level), and has a reservation for your lunch (because she called last week). She is your inspiration to look ahead. She is a great motivator to map it out so you don’t always (emphasis on the always) feel behind. Even though she has life nailed down, it doesn’t mean you have to be the exact same way. However, without this particular representative in my circle, I would feel lost, even unprepared. She inspires you to be organized, efficient, and casts vision to be equipped. Cheers to Band-Aids now present in my car and purse…according to her “you never know!”


Check. Literally she has checked three things off her list by 7 AM because that’s how she rolls. She gets up and seizes the day. No time to waste: she starts a load of dishes, mails off thank you notes (because snail mail is fun) and waters her flowers. Not to mention drinks two cups of coffee and packs her lunch. She is laser focused when it comes to work. She never ceases to amaze you on how much she can maximize in one day. She will always follow through on her assignments and go the extra mile (because it’s never crowded).


She is always sending you hilarious memes on your phone, You Tube clips on your email, and when she is there in person, she makes your stomach hurt from all your giggles. This friend is sometimes the most important when life becomes too serious. She gets stuff accomplished, but at a much more leisurely pace. She makes you smile and reminds you to slow down. She is always the life of any party, shower, or social gathering. She celebrates everything to the fullest by talking others up and being on point when it comes to humor. You need her for your endorphins and laugh marks. Let’s face it, she just makes the days more fun and adds that extra glow everywhere she is.

Sweet One (with a little salt around the rim because she is grounded)

Is she really this nice all the time? Yep. Her heart is really made of gold? 24K (according to Bruno Mars). Whatever the time of year…hectic, peaceful, cold, warm…she is consistently kind. Not the annoying, try too hard type. The one where she is pure, thoughtful, genuine, and, well sweet! She sends you thoughtful texts about your day. She remembers your mother is going through an illness. She sends a thoughtful email to you during the night wishing you luck on your presentation first thing in the morning. How does she remember? Her main focus is friends! They are what makes her life so FULL. It reminds you to be more thoughtful. It doesn’t take more time to be kind. And let’s face it…it’s nice to be nice.


The “gossip” is talking about…oh no….you! This friend steps up to the plate and says “nope, not today folks.” She has your back. Always. No matter what. She is there for you. Consistently. No questions asked. No matter the job, count her in. Need to move out your entire closet, room, and bathroom? She’s there with a broom sweeping up after she has helped put everything in your car. Bad breakup? She picks you up and blares Destiny’s Child at a high volume reminding you that Beyoncé is also celebrating Single Ladies. Need fashion advice? She has a dress waiting for you in her closet and ready for pick up. Call her at 2:30 a.m. You guessed it, she comes. You need one of these to complete your circle. You can trust them at any hour. They are your most loyal subject.

Health Nut

This friend reminds you to “take time for you…” while eating quinoa and sipping on coconut water. Exercise, good sleep and “me” time is more important than ever. Our fast paced world throws quick service food in our face and displays hectic lives as being heroic. This gal reminds you that a stable regimen of calorie burn is important and “to breath” is essential. When you are with her you eat better, sit up straighter, and walk longer strides to keep up with her inspiration of a healthy lifestyle. She works hard, plays hard, and seems to do it all with boundaries, peacefulness, and a mind-set of, "we only get one body, take great care of it." Don’t worry…she also eats chocolate cake, but burns it off the following day!

Fairy Dust…Because She’s Magically Gifted (oh at everything)

She doesn’t even know she’s a genius (because bragging was so 2016). But to you, she has the style, the wit, and the charisma. When she uses all her gifts…well she just has her wits about her…and you could be around her anywhere/anytime. She looks great, feels great, and is a positive ray of sunshine that compliments any setting. She knows worldly events taking place and at the same time identifies polka dots on top and stripes on the bottom are a thing. You look up to her because she is different than you. She can be friends with anyone. She can be alone reading the latest book or eating at the newest restaurant in town. She’s got it all…but doesn’t even realize it because she is who YOU want to be.

Fill in the Blank

This friend is your wild card. I don’t know what you need to complete your circle, but you have to have one type that meets your wishes.

The above personality types aren’t the only ones you need for a life survival guide. They are just a few traits to remind all of us to fill our lives with women who make us a better version of ourselves. Each friend represents something new, different and fun about ourselves. Appreciate each style. Embrace women in the workplace, church, or mom group. You never know…they might be your next best friend…the one that completes YOUR circle.

So who do you represent in your friendship group?