Morning Joe

coffee prof magazine

Recently I took my student group to Italy to learn more about Italian Renaissance art. I enjoy everything about Italy: the culture, the food, the smells. I relished the aroma of coffee as we walked the cobblestone streets. And I couldn’t help it – I started indulging in the goodness each morning.

This was a new experience: I have never been part of the “coffee club” before. As I savored the smooth taste paired with Italian pastries, I decided coffee was indeed a new morning ritual I would bring back to the states. And boy oh boy...a cup of Joe has enlightened my mornings with warm feelings. And while coffee has a reputation as not-so-great for your health due to caffeine, as it turns out, it has a host of health benefits.

So as you recline with your coffee drink of choice, the morning paper, and perhaps a biscotti or cornetto al cioccolato, enjoy this recent article from Today on the health benefits of a membership in the “coffee club.” Saluti!