Dr. Angela Merkel was- “not going to miss her shot!”

Did you know that the most powerful woman in the world earned a PhD? And in physics no less. No, I’m not talking about an honorary degree given for one’s accomplishments later in life, I am talking about a legitimate PhD in Physics that in her pre-political life had her working with the likes of Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstadter. That’s right, before she was Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel was Dr. Merkel. Merkel earned her PhD from the University of Leipzig, after successfully defending a dissertation on quantum physics. She was a widely published and respected researcher in her field. Yet, the world was changing and she wasn’t “going to miss her shot” to help guide her country forward. Although born in West Germany, Merkel was raised in East Germany. As the political and social landscape of her Eastern Bloc country began to change in the late 1980s, with the Berlin Wall falling in 1989 and East and West Germany reunifying less than a year later, Merkel felt pulled to political life. Fifteen years later, in 2005 she became Chancellor of a unified Germany - the first from East Germany and the first woman to lead the country. With the global economic crisis, the Greek bailout, the refugee crisis and now Brexit, her tenure in office has been full of challenges. No doubt, her time as a student and research scholar helped prepare her for the critical thinking and hard work needed to lead a global power. This fun Hamilton parody video gives us some insight into this remarkable woman and her path from the university classroom to the head of the Bundestag.