@WomensVoicesNow An online women’s rights media platform and film festival connecting conscientious artists, filmmakers, writers, activists, and advocacy organizations worldwide

@clarewinterton VP Innovation & Advocacy, Global Fund for Women. Passionate about social activism, global women’s issues, philanthropy, the arts, culture & media

@WomenintheWorld In association with @NYTimes. Convening women leaders, activists & change-makers to share stories & offer solutions for a better life for women & girls.

@RaquelWillis An activist and communications associate at the Transgender Law Center, Willis speaks out on gender identity and other issues affecting the trans community.

@faiza_n_ali Organizer & justice activist. Passionate about community, rights, faith, politics & #MuslimVOTE. Born & bred Bklyn. Bleeds orange.

@BitchMedia Feminist Response to Pop Culture

@GloriaSteinem Gloria Steinem, author and feminist activist.

@BEVERLYBOND Creator of Black Girls Rock, Inc.

@feministabulous senior correspondent/producer @voxdotcom, no i don't have justin trudeau's number, advisor @GirlUp

@lsarsour Palestinian-American-Muslim, racial justice & civil rights activist, media commentator. Born & raised in Brooklyn.

@msladyjustice1 National Co-Chair, @womensmarch, Executive Director, Gathering for Justice, Founder @nyjusticeleague & @justiceleagueca

@rowefinkbeiner Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner - MomsRising Executive Director/CEO, author, speaker, and radio host.

@WangCecillia Deputy Legal Director, National ACLU. Immigrants' rights advocate. Civil rights lawyer. Former public defender.