Back to Basics

Basic wardrobe musts aren't always easy finds. The perfect go to white tee has been the subject of debate among women for some time. What makes it basic? Is a v-neck as classic as a crew option? What about a pocket versus plain? Even up for more debate is where should you find the most simple of concrete musts for your closet? There are so many "staples" and yet where do you go to acquire these basic treasures? Here is a recent article from InStyle that suggests Amazon might be the new go to place for wardrobe essentials. Your newest fashion find could just be a click away!

"Amazon isn't usually our first-stop shop for fashion. But lately, the online marketplace has really amped up its fashion selections, and we're impressed. When it comes to wardrobe basics (aka everyday staples), we're especially picky because we want them to A) look really nice and B) last forever. While browsing Amazon's selections, we came across these five basics that'll take you straight from winter to summer—and beyond."

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