The Slow Professor

This book by Maggie Berg and Barbara K. Seeber, The Slow Professor: Challenging the Culture of Speed in the Academy, is one of the few books I have taken the time to read cover to cover in recent years. In effect, the book did precisely what its title professed, it made this professor slow down and consider the impact of the fast-paced corporate environment that higher education has become. Although the book was written for all professors who teach, conduct research and provide service at colleges and universities around the world, it particularly speaks to me as a woman in higher education. Women particularly fall prey to and feel the negative effects of “speed” in our daily lives. Struggling to balance hectic academic work schedules with the demands of family obligations and busy personal lives, women in the academy could see tremendous benefits from this slow movement and a change in academic culture. In fact, to make such a change, women most likely must lead the effort. To their credit, the authors are, in fact, living up to the slow manifesto by declining my request for an interview – instead referring me to their favorite review of this important book. I recommend you read both – Professor Rees’ wonderful take on the work, as well as Berg’s and Seeber’s short and timely book. Take your time with The Slow Professor and contemplate how you too might challenge and overcome the culture of speed that permeates nearly all facets of our often over-booked lives.

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