6 Things to Know about 4th Wave Feminism

Whew. I just finished the first draft of a chapter manuscript that was hard to write. I certainly was passionate about the premise: using poststructural feminism to create an ethnographic heuristic for reading popular young adult horror novels.

I actually worked my way through that fairly easily but struggled with rationalizing the need for a new way of applying feminism for Millennial readers. I discussed the emerging fourth wave of feminism, a concept that few have written about in academic journals. In my research, I found this wonderful Bustle post, “6 Things to Know about 4th Wave Feminism.”

ProFmagazine’s audience not only includes Millennial students but also those who work with them. I would love to hear from all of you about fourth wave feminism--Is it a thing? How do you describe it? How will it change the ways in which we see the world?

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