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What is the reality of being a woman on a college or university campus? What are our various experiences? What are the strengths that women bring to the academy? How do women in higher ed. engage with each other, support each other and lift each other up? How do we alter the gendered nature of higher education? These are just a few of the questions that motivate this new and exciting venture – proFmagazine.


proFmagazine is a publication by, about and for women in higher education. It is by, about and for college and university proFessors, higher education proFessionals, and proFessionals-in-training. In other words, it is by, about and for ALL women of the academy – faculty, staff, students and administrators at all stages of their careers, of all backgrounds, races, experiences, abilities, identities and beliefs, and from all types of higher ed. institutions – as they all have something to proFess.


The project magnifies and amplifies the role of women in academia. It provides a forum for discussion, an outlet for commentary, a channel for inspiration and a venue for respectful outrage. It is a place to highlight the challenges and obstacles women face in institutions of higher learning, as well as the advantages and benefits women have and gain. It is a place to share experiences and opportunities, a place to offer wisdom and support, a place to develop coalitions and communities, and a place to propose and organize action.  


Most of all, it is a place of creative collaboration, honest reflection, and beautiful imagery. This project is about empowering women collectively, one individual proFile, one interview, one blog post, one creative image, one poem, one playlist, one controversy at a time.  Our approach is in making women in the academy more visible – highlighting them and the work they do, intentionally.


proFmagazine contributes to an ongoing conversation about what it means to be a woman on college and university campuses today: what we experience, what we offer, what we share, and where we are headed. We don’t have all the answers. We have curious minds, big hearts, and positive attitudes. We are proFmagazine – we are unapologetically intelligent and seriously cool. We are ready to get started – please join us!