What is the reality of being a woman on a college or university campus? What are our various experiences? What are the strengths that women bring to the academy? How do women in higher ed engage with each other? How do we alter the gendered nature of higher education? These are just a few of the questions that motivate this new and exciting venture – proFmagazine.

proFmagazine is a publication by, about and for women in higher education. It is by, about and for college and university proFessors, higher education proFessionals, and proFessionals-in-training. In other words, it is by, about and for ALL women of the academy – faculty, staff, students and administrators at all stages of their careers, of all backgrounds, experiences, identities and beliefs, and from all types of higher ed institutions – as they all have something to proFess.

The project magnifies and amplifies the role of women in higher ed. It provides a forum for discussion, an outlet for commentary, and a venue for respectful outrage. It is a place to highlight the challenges and obstacles women face in institutions of higher learning, as well as the advantages and benefits women have and gain. It is a place to share experiences and opportunities, a place to offer wisdom and support, and a place to propose and organize action.  


Most of all, it is a place of creative collaboration, honest reflection, and beautiful imagery. This project is about empowering women collectively, one individual proFile, one interview, one blog post, one creative image, one poem, one playlist, one controversy at a time.  Our approach is in making women in the academy more visible – highlighting them and the work they do, intentionally.


proFmagazine is the beginning of an ongoing conversation about what it means to be a woman on college and university campuses today: what we experience, what we contribute, and where we are headed. We don’t have all the answers. We have curious minds, big hearts, and positive attitudes. We are proFmagazine – we are unapologetically intelligent and seriously cool. We are ready to get started – please join us!


proFmagazine prioritizes the following set of principles:


We prioritize education – We believe in the intellectual pursuit and are passionate about critical and thoughtful life-long learning. This is what has brought us to the academy and motivates much of what we do everyday.


We prioritize diversity – We are committed to including, amplifying and magnifying a broad array of peoples, perspectives and ideas. It is our fervent belief that to truly understand and empower women in academia, the conversation must include professors, staff members, administrators and students of varying ages, races, ethnicities, nationalities, abilities, orientations, backgrounds and beliefs. We have sought, and will continue to seek out, contributors and advisors whose differing perspectives and experiences enhance our collective understanding.  


We prioritize respect – We are here to learn from each other and to lift each other up. This means we promote respectful, constructive and civil discourse. We learn from disagreement – we can disagree and still support each other – but we will not contribute to hate or anything that promotes or is sustained by the oppression of others.


We prioritize listening – We promise to listen and ask our proF community to do so as well. This project is meant to be a conversation, where all have the opportunity to share our experiences. But a conversation is a two-way street, and therefore we must listen to each other.


We prioritize having a sense of humor – As women, we know that life, work and responsibilities can be heavy. We believe we are healthier and happier if we are able to lighten the load and laugh. Our humor, however, will never be based on hate.


These are the things that we value. If you too prioritize education, diversity, respect, listening and humor, we hope you will join us for this amazing and creative conversation!


Meet The Hive

Blessing, Contributor. Blessing is a first-year graduate student at American University School of International Service in Washington, DC. During her undergraduate career she majored in Criminology-Sociology with minors in International Relations, Human Relations and Women’s & Gender Studies. Her Master’s program is in Ethics, Peace and Global Affairs, with her concentration being in Gender, Peace and Security. Blessing’s passions are in human rights, community organizing and the rights of indigenous peoples (whether domestically or globally). Her goal is to work with indigenous peoples within Latin America and the Caribbean to promote sustainability efforts and advocacy. Blessing is still on a quest to meet the Obamas, and she absolutely loves Beyonce.

Devin, Student Editor. Devin is an undergraduate journalism student minoring in international studies. When she’s not working on a story for her school’s newspaper, you can usually find her curled up with a bowl of pasta, watching stand-up and reading murder mysteries. She hopes to travel the world someday and blog about her adventures, but wherever she goes she plans to stay within close proximity to as many dogs as possible.

Jenna, Student Life Intern. Jenna is a senior human relations major who hopes to study Adult and Higher Education in graduate school. Her dream job would be to work with students to help them feel welcomed and accepted when coming to college. She enjoys going on spontaneous adventures with friends and jokes that make her laugh until her stomach hurts.

Kendall, Contributor. Kendall is a first-year law student at the University of Virginia School of Law. She serves on the executive board of Virginia Law Women and is a frequent contributor to Virginia Law Weekly. In her rare spare time Kendall loves to hammock. Follow her on Twitter @ktburchard.

Maria del Guadalupe (Lupe), Contributing Editor. Lupe directs the Women’s and Gender Studies Program and Co-Directs the Center for Social Justice at a public state university. She recently taught a very popular course entitled "Bodies That (Don't) Matter," in which the participants explored important questions such as "what does it mean to matter? how can we determine who matters and who doesn't? and are there some bodies that matter more than others?" A proud upstate New Yorker, she loves biker boots, the color black, and all things Mac.  When she isn’t fighting “the patriarchy”, you can find her hanging out with her three awesome kids, handsome husband, and her sweet dog, Claire. Lupe is trying to make time in her life to get a new tattoo.

Suzette, Founding Editor and Publisher. Suzette is an executive administrator and professor at a state university. She has been living, learning and serving on college and university campuses for more than 30 years and can't imagine having done anything else with her life. When not in meetings, sending emails, or putting out fires, she enjoys building academic and extra-curricular programs that help students grow, and supporting her colleagues in their professional development. A passionate advocate for international education, Suzette has burned through a number of passports while living and working abroad. When not on campus or traveling the world, she loves to engage in friendly but fierce debates with her young adult daughter, read books and journals of all kinds, power-walk long distances with her dog, cook dinner and consume adult beverages with friends, bake anything involving chocolate, and occasionally play tennis and practice yoga.

Carey, Contributer. Carey J. Flack is a recent graduate with a degree in entrepreneurship and minor in African and African American Studies. She is a self-proclaimed "startup junkie" and the founder of Roomswap, a lease-swapping platform that has saved first-generation college students nearly $70,000 in rent. In her free time, Carey is a writer, creative storyteller, and community builder. She navigates the intersection between technology, creativity, and justice through all of her work.

Hannah, Fine Arts Intern. Hannah is a full time student of dramaturgy and international security studies at a state university. She realizes that a double major in theatre and international studies might seem strange to some, but she promises that it makes sense and is really cool. You can normally find her in rehearsal, in rehearsal, or in another rehearsal. In fact, she is rarely not in rehearsal. Some may say that she is “too attached” to certain electronic devices, but that is simply not true. Her favorite things are her phone, her computer, coffee, the oxford comma, and her ever-growing collection of plays.

Julie, Contributor. Julie is an assistant professor of Latin American literature and culture at a state university. A native Oklahoman, she loves to write, knit, and play volleyball. She brews a mean ginger kombucha and works at becoming the coolest aunt of all time.

Laura, Literature and Pedagogy Editor. Laura is a professor of English at a public university in the southern plains. When she's not teaching, you can find her somewhere quiet with a book or two or three. During her long commute to campus, you can find her listening (loudly) to Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie, or any great musical soundtrack. She and her husband of twenty-five years like to watch professional hockey (Go Hawks!). Chicago will always be in heart as home.

Maura, Senior Blog Editor and Arts and Culture Editor. Maura is a freelance writer/editor and adjunct instructor at a state university. She worked in student support services for nine years, as a writing tutor and writing center director in academic support for student athletes, and as an academic advisor. She has a B.A. in English from a small liberal arts college and an M.A. in English and Film Studies. She loves movies, music (especially 1980s-90s college rock, post-punk, indie rock and Bob Dylan), travel (particularly to Ireland), writing stories and songs, and playing the guitar. She is also an expert on pop culture of the 1990s (really, ask her anything), and wrote her Master’s thesis on Roseanne.  Maura spent five years as a music critic at the underground site Cokemachineglow.com, and currently writes for Paste Magazine, Petmd.com and PawCulture.com, among others.

Suzie, Attorney. Suzie is an attorney at a public university who likes cats and cocktails, in that order.  She loves it when people meet her and say “Really?? You don’t seem like an attorney!" She isn't sure if that is a good or bad thing.  She likes long walks on the beach, romantic candlelit dinners, and using sarcasm as her sole method of communication.  She also really, really likes Zumba and pizza, the second requiring the necessity for the first. According to photographic evidence she looked like Kirk Cameron with a perm in her formative years, which is another way of saying she has a great personality.  Always an animal lover, if she won the lottery (which she's tried...several times) she would open up the biggest no kill animal shelter Oklahoma has ever seen and institute a mandatory kitten/puppy cuddling hour for all employees, volunteers and passersby.

Cat, Illustrator. Cat is a pastry maker, baker, and eater based in Milwaukee, WI. When her journey to art school took an unexpected twist to the pastry arts, she continued drawing on the side by making hand drawn portraits and cards. She has an insatiable sweet tooth, an admittedly dangerous quality for someone who works with sugar all day. When she isn't unwrapping her fifth KitKat of the hour, you'll find her watching guilty pleasure TV and simultaneously browsing Disney artists on instagram.

Jacque, Senior Digital Editor and Creative Director. Jacque is a graphic designer and photographer at a state university. Originally from Wisconsin, Jacque has worked in higher education for over a decade. Creating is her passion; whether it's creating a magazine spread, a piece of art, a beautiful photograph or a delicious meal. As a ten year old artist-in-training, she would watch Bob Ross on PBS and follow his lead with a matchbook and a butter knife, creating "happy little trees" that surprised her. She's a voracious reader, a lover of great food and beer, and she has a soft spot for cuddly animals, including puppies (like her Pomeranian bestie, Pépite de Chocolat Roast Beef) and backyard chickens. She is always looking for a new TV show to binge on and she not so secretly wants to be a chef when she grows up.

Catelyn, Illustrator. Catelyn is a graduate student studying Professional Writing at Oklahoma University. She previously attended Savannah College of Art and Design and graduated with a BFA in Sequential Art and a minor in storyboarding. She loves storytelling, and the process of animation through visuals with comics, and illustration.  

Jane, Illustrator. Jane is a professional photographer and amateur cartoonist with a penchant for drinking too much tea and indulging in true crime, comedy podcasts, and all things concerning the human condition. She believes our boundaries are often self-imposed, therefore we cannot know what we are capable of until we try!

Kelsey, Digital Editor. Kelsey is a recent art school grad, who, after moving to three states over the course of a year, now works as a photographer and graphic designer at a Texas community college. She lives almost exclusively off of Mexican food, hummus, and craft beer. When she's not designing, she enjoys binge watching Netflix and photographing food. She adores her 13 year-old rescue dog, Toby, and any other canine for that matter. If Kelsey were an animal, she would most definitely be an otter, because they are resourceful, playful and absolutely adorable.

Kari, Life and Style Editor. Kari started her pursuit in higher education in 2001. As a student leader she served as president for the largest women's organization on campus. It was abundantly clear, given the thousands of scholastically driven women that surrounded her pursuing their dream careers and stylish wardrobes, that Kari had a hunch for admiring everyone's own personal style ambitions. In graduate school, she became the fashion contributor for various campus look-books, while also helping others with their fashion finds and household treasures. She has worked at her public institution for more than ten years and hopes to help women at all stages of life feel and look their best while embracing their own signature life style. Kari currently lives in a college town with her handsome husband and enjoys being a mom to a furry dog and sweet little girl.

Lauren, Ad Sales and Contributor. Lauren is passionate about food, Italy, her son, and Steven Tyler. She has lived and worked abroad and, like Anthony Bourdain, thinks that the best way to get to know a culture is through a meal. She loves raising cats of abnormally large size and intends to live forever. When she is not working in finance for a state university, she may be found listening to Aerosmith, attending local festivals with her son, or shopping at Target. This ageless woman has been married since 2011 and intends to one day conquer the world.

Megan, Research Intern. Megan is a recent graduate of a small liberal arts school in the north with a degree in Creative Writing. Now, she works as a staff member at a public university while awaiting news from various graduate programs. She hopes to be a developmental or acquisitions editor, a foster parent, and a full-time, widely published author within the next decade or two. A lover of all things art, Megan is also currently helping some friends to create a local film festival. She strives to be a positive role model to her salamander, Shylock, and her dog, Willow.

Lilly, proFcast Editor. Lilly is a journalism major at a public university. She is a part time bartender and an amateur painter, balancing school and work as she learns to become a better writer, a fluent Spanish speaker and a good world citizen. She has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, she loves to travel and she's passionate about convincing everyone to buy a pressure cooker. In her spare time she can be found pouring over British comedy and sad books and can always be found with a podcast in her ears.

Rebecca, Operations and Content Editor. Often the shortest person in the room, what Rebecca lacks in height she makes up for in snarkiness. In addition to her dry wit, she is passionate about learning and mentoring and is always eager to learn from others. Rebecca is both a faculty member and an upper-level administrator at a public university - a balance that can be challenging, but gives unique insights into the academy. She can often be found in class with students, running from meeting to meeting, or at her desk working with students and colleagues. Rebecca recently became a proud, “geriatric” mother to a little girl who is already a veteran of college classrooms, meetings, and study abroad programs. While she attempts to integrate motherhood with her career, it is always a work in progress as evidenced by the spit up on her blazer or food particles in her hair, yet always with a grin on her face. In her rare spare hours, Rebecca enjoys quality time with family, reading and traveling. She also indulges in a not so secret addiction to “crap TV.”

Symphonie, Contributor. Symphonie is pursuing a master’s degree in Global Journalism and Africana Studies. She spends her time obsessing over how to become a better storyteller and communicator. After finishing her bachelor’s degree she worked for an incredible college as a research fellow, and in communications for an amazing non-profit. She left behind familiarity, stability and warm weather to study in New York. But she has found that the new experiences, unique relationships, and delicious food of the city and her program are well worth the move.